October 13, 2006

All hail Thor

Monboit himself has calculated that energy efficiency and all the possible renewable energy we could get simply cannot supply the reduction in C02 producing energy sources that is needed to deal with climate change. This means that to deal with climate change that way would either require considerably less people, or considerably less technology. And if you are worried about climate change because of the way that it will damage general human happiness choosing either of these could lead to a cure that is worse than the problem.

The only technology that can plug that gap is nuclear. But most enviromental groups are so irrationally afraid of it, if it is being controlled by peaceful democracies that is, that they won't even consider let alone think about developing better sources such as Thorium reactors such as the one that is being proposed to be developed in Norway. Norway also happens to have substancial Thorium reserves, which could provide a nice little earner when the North Sea oil fields run out.

Making nuclear weapons out of reactor fuel is hard enough requiring considerable purification to get from fuel grade to weapons grade uranium. With Thorium it is impossible because you cannot make a Thorium based bomb since Thorium can not produce the same kind of chain reaction as Uranium, it requires an external neutron source to get it going and keep it going. This can either be supplied by something like a Fusor or a particle accelerator, meaning that you can turn your reaction off at the flick of a switch. Or you can use Plutonium which gets destroyed in the process, meaning that you can use a Thorium based reactor to burn away the waste products of Uranium reactors.


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